* Tom Lane ( wrote:
> Stephen Frost <> writes:
> > Disable BLOB test in pg_dump TAP tests
> > Buildfarm member jacana appears to have an issue with running this
> > test.  It's not entirely clear to me why, but rather than try to
> > fight with it, just disable it for now.
> BTW, what was your evidence for thinking that that specific test
> needed to be disabled?  It looks to me like it would have been
> subject to the $-in-/m-mode bug we identified today, so I'm wondering
> if it was merely the first to fail.

No, those errors were "match/don't match" errors.  At the bottom of:

is the error, which is 'No such file or directory'.  I'm pretty sure the
error is from the '\o' in that test which is trying to write a file to
the '$tempdir' directory.  Clearly, on that system at least, $tempdir
isn't a completely fully-qualified path, since it ends up being:


but the data directory is:


I'm not quite sure how that system works (is a starting '/' actually
referring to a relative path, and psql isn't being run from that root
directory?  Or does the shell handle converting arguments which start
with a '/' to their full path, and that's why calls to pg_ctl and other
things work, but trying to use that same path from inside a program
doesn't?), but apparently referring to $tempdir from inside psql doesn't
give you the same directory that referring to it from the TAP perl
script does.

> I think it's probably best not to monkey with it right now, but after
> beta1 is out, we should try re-enabling it.

I'd definitely like to work on getting that test working everywhere
post-beta1, but the simplest answer will probably be to just load the
large-object in the same way that pg_dump dumps it out, namely using the
'lo_open', 'lo_write', 'lo_close' functions.  The goal of that test is
to make sure that pg_dump does the right thing when it comes to
exporting the large object, not to test that \lo_import of psql works
(though that would certainly be a good thing to test in a set of psql



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