On 10.05.2016 20:26, Robert Haas wrote:
At this moment (February) them have implemented translation of only few
PostgreSQL operators used by ExecQuals  and do not support aggregates.
Them get about 2 times increase of speed at synthetic queries and 25%
increase at TPC-H Q1 (for Q1 most critical is generation of native code for
aggregates, because ExecQual itself takes only 6% of time for this query).
Actually these 25% for Q1 were achieved not by using dynamic code
generation, but switching from PULL to PUSH model in executor.
It seems to be yet another interesting PostgreSQL executor transformation.
As far as I know, them are going to publish result of their work to open
Interesting.  You may notice that in "asynchronous mode" my prototype
works using a push model of sorts.  Maybe that should be taken

Latest information from ISP RAS guys: them have made good progress since February: them have rewritten most of methods of Scan, Aggregate and Join to LLVM API. Also then implemented automatic translation of PostgreSQL backend functions to LLVM API.
As a result time of TPC-H Q1 query is reduced four times.

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