On Tue, 11 Feb 2003, Tom Lane wrote:

> It's a lot too conservative.  I've been thinking for awhile that we
> should adjust the defaults.

Some of these issues could be made to Just Go Away with some code
changes. For example, using mmap rather than SysV shared memory
would automatically optimize your memory usage, and get rid of the
double-buffering problem as well. If we could find a way to avoid using
semephores proportional to the number of connections we have, then you
wouldn't have to worry about that configuration parameter, either.

In fact, some of this stuff might well improve our portability, too.
For example, mmap is a POSIX standard, whereas shmget is only an X/Open
standard. That makes me suspect that mmap is more widely available on
non-Unix platforms. (But I could be wrong.)

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