>>>Josh Berkus said:
 > How about we take this discussion to the Performance List, where it belongs?

I believe the design and addition of code that collects and outputs the usage patterns 
of the database (statistics) belongs here.

If we take the approach to providing information to tune PostgreSQL based on 
real-world usage, I guess we need at least the following:

- Usage statistics on a per-database or even per-table level. I believe we already 
collect some;
- Statistics analysis tool/routine/process to produce suggestions;
- Of course lots of real-world data to justify the suggestions;

- Can we provide more knobs for tunable parameters that can be applied on a 
per-database or even per-table level. One first candidate might be the FSM?
- Can some of these parameters (when available) to auto-tune? 

Of course, this could move out of pgsql-hackers :)


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