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> I am giving a keynote at an IEEE database conference in Helsinki next
> week (http://icde2016.fi/).  (Yes, I am not attending PGCon Ottawa
> because I accepted the Helsinki conference invitation before the PGCon
> Ottawa date was changed from June to May).
> As part of the keynote, I would like to mention areas where academia can
> help us.  The topics I can think of are:


> Any others?

When publishing work, publish source code somewhere stable that won't just
vanish. And build on the latest stable release, don't build your prototype
on Pg 8.0. Don't just publish a tarball with no information about what
revision it's based on, publish a git tree or a patch series.

While academic prototype source is rarely usable directly, it can serve a
valuable role with helping to understand the changes that were made,
reproducing results, exploring further related work, etc

Include your dummy data or data generators, setup scripts, etc.

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