On 11 May 2016 19:50, Bruce Momjian Wrote:

>I am giving a keynote at an IEEE database conference in Helsinki next
>week (http://icde2016.fi/).  (Yes, I am not attending PGCon Ottawa
>because I accepted the Helsinki conference invitation before the PGCon
>Ottawa date was changed from June to May).
>As part of the keynote, I would like to mention areas where academia can
>help us.  The topics I can think of are:
>       Query optimization
>       Optimizer statistics
>       Indexing structures
>       Reducing function call overhead
>       CPU locality
>       Sorting
>       Parallelism
>       Sharding
>Any others?

How about?
1. Considering NUMA aware architecture.
2. Optimizer tuning as per new hardware trends.
3. More effective version of Join algorithms (e.g. Compare to traditional 
"build and then probe" mechanism of Hash Join, now there is pipelining Hash 
join where probe and build both happens together).

Thanks and Regards,
Kumar Rajeev Rastogi

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