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> On master branch when we do pg_dumpall with -c option, I can see that
> it also dumping the "DROP ROLE pg_signal_backend", which seems wrong.
> Because when you restore the dump, its throwing an error
> "ERROR:  cannot drop role pg_signal_backend because it is required by the
> database system".
> dumpRoles()::pg_dumpall.c does have logic to not dump "CREATE ROLE"  if the
> rolename starts with "pg_", but similar check is missing into dropRoles()
> function.
> PFA patch, to fix the problem in the similar way its been handled into
> dumpRoles().
Shouldn't this logic be applied just to version >= 9.6? I ask it because
you write a special query filtering rolname !~ '^pg_' and again check it
using strcmp before the drop role output. Is this the expected behavior?

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