"Joe Hellerstein" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> I am teaching the undergrad DB course at UC Berkeley, something I do 
> with some frequency.  We have the usual 180 students  we get every 
> semester (yep: 180!), but this year we've instituted 2 changes:
> 1) We changed the course projects to make the students hack PostgreSQL 
> internals, rather than the "minibase" eduware


> 2) We are coordinating the class with a class at CMU being taught by 
> Prof. Anastassia ("Natassa") Ailamaki

Double cool.  I'm just down the road, if Natassa needs a visiting

> Our "Homework 2", which is being passed out this week, will ask the 
> students to implement a hash-based grouping that spills to disk.  I 
> understand this topic has been batted about the pgsql-hackers list 
> recently.

Yes.  As of CVS tip, we have hash-based grouping but it doesn't spill
to disk.  Want to ask them to start from CVS tip and fix that little
detail?  Or fix the various other loose ends that have been mentioned
lately?  (make it work with DISTINCT, improve the estimation logic,
some other things I'm forgetting)

> I'm hopeful this will lead to many good things:

Yes, let's see what we can do with this ... seems like Postgres may
be coming full circle ;-)

                        regards, tom lane

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