Hi everyone,

> > with some frequency.  We have the usual 180 students  we get every 
> > semester (yep: 180!), but this year we've instituted 2 changes:

We're looking at >100 students taking the class here every year.

> Double cool.  I'm just down the road, if Natassa needs a visiting
> lecturer.

Tom - that's really super-cool! Tom, let's take it offline to schedule a
We will be delighted to have you lecture.

> Yes.  As of CVS tip, we have hash-based grouping but it doesn't spill
> to disk.  Want to ask them to start from CVS tip and fix that little
> detail?  Or fix the various other loose ends that have been mentioned
> lately?  (make it work with DISTINCT, improve the estimation logic,
> some other things I'm forgetting)

As Joe said, this is what we are doing. We intend to use your todo-list to 
design projects for future semesters... so all such suggestions
are greatly appreciated.

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