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JE> Would anybody else be interested in a pg_dump library? I've found
JE> a thread from 2013 related to the idea, but the discussion came to nothing.

JE> Thread started here:

JE> My Motivation:

JE> I'm the developer of a PostgreSQL GUI client, and I am looking
JE> for ways to integrate pg_dump into my application. The main use
JE> case would be to get the dump of individual tables (for example,
JE> when you want to create a table similar to an existing one)

JE> Bundling pg_dump with my application and calling it doesn't allow
JE> the fine grained control and integration I would like to have.
JE> Also, pg_dump always opens a new connection; I would prefer to use
JE> an existing database connection instead.

JE> In case anybody else is interested in this, I can offer to
JE> sponsor some developer time towards this effort.

JE> Best regards,
JE> Jakob

I proposed this several times, but nobody cares. Then we did it.
Our PostgresDAC component set
(http://microolap.com/products/connectivity/postgresdac/) has
TPSQLDump and TPSQLRestore classes.

Also we've implemented PaGoDump and PaGoRestore utilities compatible
with native pg_dump/pg_restore: http://microolap.com/products/database/pagodump/

With best wishes,
 Pavel                          mailto:pa...@gf.microolap.com

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