On 5/16/16 2:36 AM, Bruce Momjian wrote:
Right.  I am thinking of writing some docs about how to avoid downtime
for upgrades of various types.

If there's some magic sauce to shrink pg_upgrade downtime to near 0 I think folks would be very interested in that.

Outside of that scenario, I think what would be far more useful is information on how to do seamless master/replica switchovers using tools like pgBouncer or pgPool. That ability is useful *all* the time, not just when upgrading. It makes it trivial to do OS-level maintenance, and if you're using a form of logical replication it also makes it trivial to do expensive database maintenance, such as cluster/vacuum full/reindex. I've worked with a few clients that had that ability and it was a huge stress reducer. As a bonus, an unplanned outage of the master becomes far less stressful, because you already know exactly how to fail over.
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