Kyotaro HORIGUCHI <> writes:
> I tried it on Windows 7/64 but first of all, I'm surprised to see
> that the following command line gets an error but it would be
> fine because it is consistent with what is written in the manual.

> | >pg_dump postgres://horiguti:hoge@localhost/postgres --jobs=9 -Fd -f 
> testdump
> | pg_dump: too many command-line arguments (first is "--jobs=9")
> | Try "pg_dump --help" for more information.

Where do you see an example like that?  We should fix it.  The only case
that is certain to work is switches before non-switch arguments, and so
we should not give any documentation examples in the other order.  On a
platform using GNU getopt(), getopt() will rearrange the argv[] array to
make such cases work, but non-GNU getopt() doesn't do that (and I don't
really trust the GNU version not to get confused, either).

> I might be wrong with something, but pg_dump seems to have some
> issues in thread handling.

Wouldn't surprise me ... there's a lot of code in there depending on
static variables, and we've only tried to thread-proof a few.  Still,
I think that's a separate issue from what this patch is addressing.

                        regards, tom lane

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