> - Build an embedded SQL C application with PostgreSQL 9.2.
> - Distribute the app without ecpg nor libpq libraries.  Require users
> to install PostgreSQL client which includes ecpg and libpq libraries.
> - Use the app with newer PostgreSQL major versions without rebuilding
> the app.  That is, the users just replaces the PostgreSQL client.
> I expect this is legal, because the so_major versions of ecpg and
> libpq are 6 and 5 respectively for all PostgreSQL 9.x versions so
> far.  However, I could not find any description of this binary
> compatibility policy in the manual, so I haven't been able to answer
> the customer.

Sorry I fail to understand what you mean with "legal"? Are you
wondering about license restrictions? There are none.

As for compatibility, that's what major version numbers are for. This
is not a PostgreSQL topic, but a general system one as for instance the
same holds for libc.

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