> I couldn't find appropriate system documentation.  Regarding Linux, I
> remember I saw some HOWTO on tldp.org website which explains the
> concept of shared library soname, but it's not very friendly for
> users who just want to know the application binary compatibility
> policy of PostgreSQL.  And I don't think there's suitable 

I would expect Unix sysadmins to understand that howto, but there are
others, e.g. a random hit from google: https://www.bottomupcs.com/libra

There even is a wikipedia page about it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/

> documentation on Windows.  Even if there is any, users will not be
> sure whether PostgreSQL follows those platform-specific
> conventions.  They may have doubts about it, because even the product
> version "PostgreSQL x.y.z" causes misconception that x is the major
> version and y is the minor one.

I don't know anything about the Windows setup in PostgreSQL, but I
would find it fair to assume that PostgreSQL follows conventions.

> BTW, although this may be a separate topic, it may be better that we
> add the major version in the library names like libpq5.dll and
> libecpg6.dll, so that the application can fail to run with the
> incompatible versions of libpq and libecpg.  FYI:

Does this mean you cannot have to versions of libpq installed on the
same Windows system at the same time?

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