Tom Dunstan <> writes:
> Basically the inet data type cannot store or parse valid ipv6 address 
> literals with a scope / zone id suffix. Apparently the combination of 
> virtualised linux, ipv6 network and JVM that we are using has combined to 
> report connections on localhost as coming from ‘::1%0’, which our app is 
> unsuccessfully attempting to store in the db in an inet column. This is the 
> first time that I have ever seen this, but perhaps it will get more common as 
> ipv6-first usage increases.

> Given that inet is a varlena struct with only known-length fields, it seems 
> potentially possible to extend it to add an optional, variable length zone id 
> on the end, with the result being backwards compatible with existing data.

> Thoughts?

The impression I have is that scopes are not very well standardized ---
eg, OS X reports things like "fe80::1%lo0" not just "%0".  If we could
get around that problem it would be worth doing.

                        regards, tom lane

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