> Well, multiple parse/bind/execute messages before a sync are definitely
> used by PgJDBC and nPgSQL for batching,

Yes, I realized in JDBC.

> and I just posted a patch for it
> for libpq.

I didn't noticed it. Could you give me the message id or URL?

I wouldn't have considered it to simulate multi-statement
> simple-protocol queries, but I guess there are some parallels.
> I am very surprised to find out that statement_timeout tracks the total
> time and isn't reset by a new statement, but I guess it makes sense - what,
> exactly, delimits a "query" in extended query mode? statement_timeout in
> simple-query mode starts at parse time and runs until the end of execute.
> In e.q.p. there might be only one parse, then a series of Bind and Execute
> messages, or there may be repeated Parse messages.

Another issue is inconsistency with log duration, which shows the the
elapsed time for each execute message. I think statement timeout
should be consistent with statement duration. Otherwise users will be

> Personally I'd be fairly happy with statement-timeout applying per-message
> in the extended query protocol. That would mean that it behaves slightly
> differently, and a query with a long slow parse and bind phase followed by
> quick execution might fail to time out in the extended query protocol where
> it would time out as a simple query.
> It'd behave as if the query was
> PREPAREd then separately EXECUTEd in simple-query protocol. I'm not hugely
> bothered by that, but if it's really a concern I'd ideally like to add a
> new protocol message that resets the statement timeout counter, so the
> client can define what delimits a statement. Not practical in the near term.
> For now I'd be OK with documenting this as a quirk/limitation of
> statement_timeout, that it applies to a whole extended-query-protocol
> batch.

Probably we should apply the code change for 10.0 if any. (of course
this will not be applied if many uses are getting angry with current
behavior of statement timeout).

Best regards,
Tatsuo Ishii
SRA OSS, Inc. Japan
English: http://www.sraoss.co.jp/index_en.php

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