Creating some foreign tables via postgres_fdw in the regression db of
master as of de33af8, sqlsmith triggers the following assertion:

    TRAP: FailedAssertion("!(((((const Node*)(var))->type) == T_Var))", File: 
"deparse.c", Line: 1116)

gdb says var is holding a T_PlaceHolderVar instead.  In a build without
assertions, it leads to an error later:

    ERROR:  cache lookup failed for type 0


--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
create extension postgres_fdw;
create server myself foreign data wrapper postgres_fdw;
create schema fdw_postgres;
create user mapping for public server myself options (user :'USER');
import foreign schema public from server myself into fdw_postgres;
select subq_0.c0 as c0 from
       (select 31 as c0 from fdw_postgres.a as ref_0
              where 93 >= ref_0.aa) as subq_0
       right join fdw_postgres.rtest_vview5 as ref_1
       on (subq_0.c0 = ref_1.a )
       where 92 = subq_0.c0;
--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---


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