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> One more thing --- there was talk of moving some of this into chapter
> 66, but as someone already mentioned, there are no subsections there
> because it is a dedicated topic:
>         66. How the Planner Uses Statistics.

> I am not inclined to add a prepare-only section to that chapter.  On the
> other hand, the issues described apply to PREPARE and to protocol-level
> prepare, so having it in PREPARE also seems illogical.  However, I am
> inclined to leave it in PREPARE until we are ready to move all of this
> to chapter 66.
​Actually, 66.1 exists ​- Row Estimation Examples

We should create 66.2 - e.g. Statistics of Parameterized Plans
My point was 66. How the Planner Uses Statistics doesn't have a table of
contents.  I suspect it will if we add 66.2.  But, should it have one now,
when the only section is 66.1?

The wording improvement are good; but my recommended split between the SQL
command section and 66.2 still applies.

David J.

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