Bruce Momjian wrote:
> However, for the wire protocol prepare/execute, how do you do EXPLAIN?
> The only way I can see doing it is to put the EXPLAIN in the prepare
> query, but I wasn't sure that works.  So, I just wrote and tested the
> attached C program and it properly output the explain information, e.g.
>       res = PQprepare(conn, "prep1", "EXPLAIN SELECT * FROM pg_language", 0, 
> NULL);
>                                       -------
> generated:
>       QUERY PLAN
>       Seq Scan on pg_language  (cost=0.00..1.04 rows=4 width=114)
> so that works --- good.

Hm, yes.

Were you just curious or is it relevant for the documentation update?

>>> Looking at how the code behaves, it seems custom plans that are _more_
>>> expensive (plus planning cost) than the generic plan switch to the
>>> generic plan after five executions, as now documented.  Custom plans
>>> that are significantly _cheaper_ than the generic plan _never_ use the
>>> generic plan.
>> Yes, that's what the suggested documentation improvement says as well,
>> right?
> Yes.  What is odd is that it isn't the plan of the actual supplied
> parameters that is cheaper, just the generic plan that assumes each
> distinct value in the query is equally likely to be used.  So, when we
> say the generic plan is cheaper, it is just comparing the custom plan
> with the supplied parameters vs. the generic plan --- it is not saying
> that running the supplied constants with the generic plan will execute
> faster, because in fact we might be using a sub-optimial generic plan.

Right, that's why it is important to document that it is estimates that are
compared, not actual costs.

This has caused confussion in the past, see

> Right.  Updated patch attached.

I am happy with the patch as it is.

Laurenz Albe

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