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On Fri, Jun 10, 2016 at 5:23 AM, Haribabu Kommi
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> 1. Instead of doing the entire database files encryption, how about
> providing user an option to protect only some particular tables that
> wants the encryption at table/tablespace level. This not only provides
> an option to the user, it reduces the performance impact on tables
> that doesn't need any encryption. The problem with this approach
> is that every xlog record needs to validate to handle the encryption
> /decryption, instead of at page level.
Is there a real need for this? The customers I have talked to want to
encrypt the whole database and my goal is to make the feature fast
enough to make that feasible for pretty much everyone. I guess
switching encryption off per table would be feasible, but the key
setup would still need to be done at server startup. Per record
encryption would result in some additional information leakage though.
Overall I thought it would not be worth it, but I'm willing to have my
mind changed on this.

I actually design with this in mind. Tables that contain sensitive info go into designated schemas, partly so that you can blanket move all of those to an encrypted tablespace (or safer would be to move things not in those schemas to an unencrypted tablespace). Since that can be done with an encrypted filesystem maybe that's good enough. (It's not really clear to me what this buys us over an encrypted FS, other than a feature comparison checkmark...)
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