On Fri, 2003-02-14 at 14:21, Vince Vielhaber wrote:
> On 14 Feb 2003, Martin Coxall wrote:
> >
> > > > If you are interested in reading a contrary position, you can read
> > > > Berstein's arguments for his recommended way to install services at:
> > > > http://cr.yp.to/unix.html
> >
> > But since DJB is a class-A monomaniac, he may not be the best person to
> > listen to. /var/qmail/control for qmail configuration files? Yeah, good
> > one, DJB.
> I'm guessing that rather than reading it the above mentioned link you
> chose to waste our time with this instead.  Good one, MC.

Yeah, I've read it several times, and have often linked to it as an
example of why one should be wary of DJB's software. It seems to me that
since DJB doesn't follow his own advice regarding the filesystem
hierarchy (see both qmail and djbdns), it'd be odd for him to expect
anyone else to. *Especially* seing as he's a bit mental. ("I'm not going
to take this any more. I demand cross-platform compatibility!")

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