Bruce Momjian wrote:
Robert Treat wrote:
On Thu, 2003-02-13 at 12:13, mlw wrote:
My patch only works on the PostgreSQL server code. No changes have been
made to the initialization scripts.

The patch declares three extra configuration file parameters:
hbafile= '/etc/postgres/pg_hba.conf'

If we're going to do this, I think we need to account for all of the
files in the directory including PG_VERSION, postmaster.opts, In the end if we can't build so that we are either fully
FHS compliant and/or LSB compliant, we've not done enough work on it.

Woh, how do we move some of those files into /etc or /var/run if we
aren't running as root?  We certainly don't want to require that.  I
guess /etc/postgresql will work if that directory is owned by the
PostgreSQL superuser, but /var/run will be a problem.

I don't think those files need to move. As I said in another post, they are postgres writable and should in the PostgreSQL data directory. However, I suppose, that those also could be configuration parameters? No?

PG_VERSION obviously should not move.
postmaster.opts gets created when postmaster is run, correct?

The only issue would be the PID file, and I don't have strong feelings about it, except that using a /var/run system will make running multiple postmasters a pain.

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