Bruce Momjian wrote:
> OK, here is an updated proposal.  I think we have decided:
>       Moving and postmaster.opts isn't worth it.
>       We don't want per-file GUC variables, but assume it is in
>       the same config directory as postgresql.conf.  I don't
>       see any valid reason they would want to put them somewhere
>       different than postgresql.conf.
> So, we add data_dir to postgresql.conf, and add -C/PGCONFIG to
> postmaster.

Agreed.  One additional thing: when pg_ctl invokes the postmaster, it
should explicitly specify -C on the postmaster command line, and if it
doesn't find a data_dir in $PGCONFIG/postgresql.conf then it should
explicitly specify a -D as well.  Pg_ctl is going to have to be
modified to take a -C argument anyway, so we may as well go all the
way to do the right thing here.

This way, people who start the database using the standard tools we
supply will know exactly what's going on when they get a "ps" listing.

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