Bruce Momjian wrote:
> I see your point --- pg_ctl does a PGDATA trick when passed -D:
>         -D)
>             shift
>             # pass environment into new postmaster
>             PGDATA="$1"
>             export PGDATA
> It should pass -D just like it was given.

Yes, exactly.

Now, the more interesting question in my mind is: if pg_ctl isn't
passed -D but inherits PGDATA, should it nonetheless pass -D
explicitly to the postmaster?  We can make it do that, and it would
have the benefit of making transparent what would otherwise be opaque.

I'm inclined to answer "yes" to that question, but only because
someone who *really* doesn't want the postmaster to show up with a -D
argument in "ps" can start the postmaster directly without using
pg_ctl at all.  Tom made a good argument for sometimes wanting to keep
the ps output clean, but it's not clear to me that it should
necessarily apply to pg_ctl.

But you guys might have a different perspective on that.  :-)

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