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> * To get a backtrace, I had to:
>   * Launch a VS x86 command prompt
>   * devenv /debugexe bin\initdb.exe -D test
>   * Set a breakpoint in initdb.c:3557 and initdb.c:3307
>   * Run
>   * When it traps at get_restricted_token(), manually move the execution
> pointer over the setup of the restricted execution token by dragging &
> dropping the yellow instruction pointer arrow. Yes, really. Or, y'know,
> comment it out and rebuild, but I was working with a supplied binary.
>   * Continue until next breakpoint
>   * Launch process explorer and find the pid of the postgres child process
>   * Debug->attach to process, attach to the child postgres. This doesn't
> detach the parent, VS does multiprocess debugging.
>   * Continue execution
>   * vs will trap on the child when it crashes
Also, to save anyone else this hassle, I have saved a process dump (windows
core file) and the debug symbols to gdrive. You can get them at:

Note that you will need a Visual Studio version installed. VS Community
2015 works fine. You only need to install the C++ devenv and C++ headers,
you don't need MFC or any of the rest. The default install is fine if you
don't mind a bigger download.  Once installed, open postgres.dmp, then go
to debug->options, symbols. There, enable the Microsoft Symbol Server, and
also add a new entry for the absolute path to the symbols directory for the
archive you unpacked. You should enable the symbol cache directory too,
make a directory in your user dir and put it there.

If Haroon shared some gdrive links earlier on the thread I don't have
access to, this is the same data just efficiently compressed (32MB instead
of 180MB) and packaged up in a single convenient archive with the matching
sources and a full working install. You'll need 7zip to unpack it, but that
should be on your "install as soon as you install Windows" list anyway.


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