Craig Ringer <> writes:
> On 24 June 2016 at 21:34, Tom Lane <> wrote:
>> TBH, this looks more like a compiler bug than anything else.

> I tend to agree. Especially since valgrind has no complaints on x64 linux,
> and neither does DrMemory for 32-bit builds with the same toolchain on the
> same Windows and same SDK.

If that is the explanation, I'm suspicious that it's got something to do
with the interaction of a static inline-able (single-call-site) function
and taking the address of a formal parameter.  We certainly have multiple
other instances of each thing, but maybe not both at the same place.
This leads to a couple of suggestions for dodging the problem:

1. Make get_foreign_key_join_selectivity non-static so that it doesn't
get inlined, along the lines of

                                                   List *restrictlist);
-static Selectivity get_foreign_key_join_selectivity(PlannerInfo *root,
+extern Selectivity get_foreign_key_join_selectivity(PlannerInfo *root,
-static Selectivity
 get_foreign_key_join_selectivity(PlannerInfo *root,

2. Don't pass the original formal parameter to
get_foreign_key_join_selectivity, ie do something like

 static double
 calc_joinrel_size_estimate(PlannerInfo *root,
                                                   RelOptInfo *outer_rel,
                                                   RelOptInfo *inner_rel,
                                                   double outer_rows,
                                                   double inner_rows,
                                                   SpecialJoinInfo *sjinfo,
-                                                  List *restrictlist)
+                                                  List *orig_restrictlist)
        JoinType        jointype = sjinfo->jointype;
+       List       *restrictlist = orig_restrictlist;
        Selectivity fkselec;
        Selectivity jselec;
        Selectivity pselec;

Obviously, if either of those things do make the problem go away, it's
a compiler bug.  If not, we'll need to dig deeper.

                        regards, tom lane

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