On 06/27/2016 08:12 PM, Christoph Berg wrote:
Re: Andreas Karlsson 2016-06-27 <8a0a5959-0b83-3dc8-d9e7-66ce8c1c5...@proxel.se>
The errors you report make it sound like they broke API compatibility
wholesale.  Was that really their intent?  If so, where are the changes

I do not see that they have documented the removal of the SSL_library_init
symbol anywhere. They changed the function into a macro in the following
commit. I guess we have to check for some other symbol, like SSL_new.

I'm not an autoconf expert, but as said in the original mail, I could
get the SSL_library_init check to work, even if that's a macro now:

Yes, we could do that, but I do not think we should check for the existence of a backwards compatibility macro. Actually I think we may want to skip much of the OpenSSL initialization code when compiling against OpenSSL 1.1 since they have now added automatic initialization of the library. Instead I think we should check for something we actually will use like SSL_CTX_new().


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