Re: Andreas Karlsson 2016-06-27 <>
> > The errors you report make it sound like they broke API compatibility
> > wholesale.  Was that really their intent?  If so, where are the changes
> > documented?
> I do not see that they have documented the removal of the SSL_library_init
> symbol anywhere. They changed the function into a macro in the following
> commit. I guess we have to check for some other symbol, like SSL_new.

I'm not an autoconf expert, but as said in the original mail, I could
get the SSL_library_init check to work, even if that's a macro now:

> -      AC_CHECK_LIB(ssl,    SSL_library_init, [], [AC_MSG_ERROR([library 
> 'ssl' is required for OpenSSL])])
> +      AC_CHECK_LIB([ssl],  [SSL_library_init])

(I haven't investigated if that's due to the quoting, the removal of
the extra arguments, or simply because I reran autoreconf.)

> I think much of the above is missing from the release notes I have found. I
> hope they will be more complete at the time of the release. I am working on
> a patch to handle these API changes.
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> -

Nod, I was also disappointed when browsing the API changes document,
given it didn't mention any of the problems I was seeing.


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