Hello Sachin,

Your report is very imprecise so it is hard to tell anything.

What version of client and server are you running? On what hardware ? (200 connections => 200 active postgres processes, how many processes per core are you expecting to run? the recommanded value is about 2 connections per physical core...) What precise command is started? How to you know it "comes down to 100 connections"? Are there error messages from pgbench or postgresql?

My random guess would be that you start too many connections with only one thread client side and/or on a too small hardware client or server-side for the expected scale, so given the load and latency some connections just never get to do anything?

Maybe try with "-j 20" so that there are not too many connections per pgbench thread?

I am testing pgbench with more than 100 connections. also set max_connection in postgresql.conf more than 100.

Initially pgbench tries to scale nearby 150 but later it come down to 100
connections and stable there.

It this limitation of pgbench? or bug? or i am doing it wrong way?

I tested it with max_connection = 200 in postgresql.conf
and pgbench witn -c 180/190/200

Please reply.

Please send precise information instead of expecting people to guess...


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