On Thursday 13 February 2003 21:13, Bruce Momjian wrote:
> Lamar Owen wrote:
> > It isn't without precedent to have a directory under /var/run.  Maybe
> > /var/run/postgresql.  Under this one could have a uniquely named pid
> > file.

> But how do you handle the default then, where you have postmaster.pid in
> /data?  Do we rename it to postmaster.pid.5432 so it can sit in
> /var/run/postgresql alone with other backends?

Well, you can have the default as 'postmaster.pid' if it wasn't named.  But 
more thought is needed. I'll have to admit; the wisdom of AOLserver having a 
full-fledged tcl config script is beginning to look better and better.

> Another issue is that pg_ctl looks at that file, so moving it around is
> going to be tricky.

pg_ctl could be interesting.

> I am now wondering if we even want pg_hba_dir and pg_ident_dir.  Seems
> we can assume they are in the same directory as postgresql.conf.  That
> leaves only data_dir as new for postgresql.conf.

Ok, if we're going this far already, tell me exactly why we have three config 
files.  Why not really Unify things and fulfil the full promise of Grand 
Unified Configuration by rolling hba and ident into postgresql.conf.  Is 
there a compelling reason not to do so?  The structure of that configuration 
data would have to change, for sure.  Although I seem to remember this being 
suggested once before, but my mind draws a blank trying to recall it.  Just a 
suggestion; maybe not even a good one, but something that crossed my mind.
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