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we have customers complaining that to_date() accepts invalid dates, and
returns a different date instead. This is a known issue:


On the other hand this leads to wrong dates when loading dates into the
database, because the database happily accepts invalid dates and ends up
writing something completely different into the table.

The attached patch adds a new function "to_date_valid()" which will validate
the date and return an error if the input and output date do not match.
Tests included, documentation update as well.

It seems that you are calling many additional function calls
(date_out, timestamp_in, etc.) to validate the date.  Won't the
additional function calls make to_date much costlier than its current
implementation?  I don't know if there is a better way, but I think it
is worth to consider, if we can find a cheaper way to detect validity
of date.

It certainly is costlier, and I'm open to suggestions how to improve the performance. That is one of the reasons why I considered a separate function, instead of adding this to to_date() and add even more overhead there.

Note - Your patch is small (~13KB) enough that it doesn't need to zipped.

It's not about the small size, it's about websites like Gmail which mingle up the linebreaks and then git fails. Ran into this problem on the pgAdminIII list a while ago, ever since I just zip it and avoid the trouble.

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