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> On 04.07.2016 18:37, Pavel Stehule wrote:
>> I don't know if the name "strict" is best, but the name "validate" is
>> not good too. Current to_date does some validations too.
> Obviously not enough, because it allows invalid dates. I'd say that the
> current to_date() merely validates the input format for string parsing, and
> that the date is in range. But there is not much validation on the date
> itself.
> So the name can't be "strict" because of the conflict with "NULL"
> handling, and you don't like "valid" - what other options do you offer?

I have not - so third option looks best for me - it can be long name
"only_correct_date", "only_valid_date", "only_valid_date_on_input" ...


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