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    If you want to add a column to a table, you
    say ALTER TABLE .. ADD COLUMN.  If you want to add a column to an
    extension, you say ALTER EXTENSION .. ADD TABLE.   If you want to add
    an option to a foreign table, you say ALTER FOREIGN TABLE .. OPTIONS
    (ADD ..).  Therefore, I think it is entirely reasonable and obviously
    consistent with existing practice that if you want to add a table to a
    replication set, you should write ALTER REPLICATION SET .. ADD TABLE.
    I don't understand why logical replication should be the one feature
    that departs from the way that all of our other features work.

Because unlike all the other features, it can work usefully *across

I don't see how that matters for definitions in catalogs though. It's not like we want to do any kind of RPC to add table to replication set on the remote node.

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