On 07/17/2016 11:55 AM, Jan Wieck wrote:

        Yeah, I haven't meet anyone yet that would like to have:

        select replicate_these_relations('['public']);



        (or something like that).

    I generally agree, but I think the more important question is
    "Why?". Is it becouse DDL looks more like a sentence? Is it because
    arrays are a PITA? Is it too hard to call functions?

IMO, because it isn't code. I think that people forget that many, many DBAs are not developers, they are business analysts that happen to also be DBAs. Similarly, there is a reason why MongoDB/NoSQL will never be as popular as good old fashion SQL.

Once you get fine grained enough to support replicating different sets
of possibly overlapping objects/namespaces to different groups of
recipients, the DDL approach becomes just as convoluted as calling
functions and nobody will memorize the entire syntax.

Ehh, partially true. For example, I don't know every single nuance of ALTER TABLE but that is what the \h is for. Replication would be no different.


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