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              Logical Replication uses a Publish and Subscribe model
        with one or
              more Subscribers subscribing to one or more Publications on a
              Provider node. Subscribers pull data from the Publications
              subscribe to and may subsequently re-publish data to allow
              cascading replication or more complex configurations.

    Is that somehow different than Origin/Subscriber or Master/Slave? If
    not, why are we using yet more terms?

Thanks for asking, an important question that we have a chance to get
right before we go too far down the road of implementation.

I'll explain my thinking, so we can discuss the terms I've recommended,
which can be summarized as:
A Provider node has one or more Databases, each of which can publish its
data in zero, one or more PUBLICATIONs. A Subscribing node can receive
data in the form of zero, one or more SUBSCRIBERs, where each SUBSCRIBER
may bring together data from one or more PUBLICATIONs

Here's why...

Just to add to what Simon wrote. There is one more reason for not using term origin for this - origin of data does not necessarily have to be on the provider database once there is a cascading so it does not really map all that well.

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