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> On 07/20/2016 06:35 PM, Craig Ringer wrote:
> First, I'd like to emphasise that logical replication has been stalled
>> for ages now because we can no longer make forward progress on core
>> features needed until we have in-core logical replication (they're
>> dismissed as irrelevant, no in core users, etc) - but we have also had
>> difficulty getting logical replication into core. To break this impasse
>> we really need logical replication in core and need to focus on getting
>> the minimum viable feature in place, not trying to make it do everything
>> all at once. Point-to-point replication with no forwarding should be
>> just fine for the first release. Lets not bog this in extra "must have"
>> features that aren't actually crucial.
> I don't think any person who actually works on postgresql with customers
> and clearly deals with "competition" can state with any sanity that we
> don't need logical replication in core.

No, and while people used to, we're past that now.

However, infrastructure improvements to make out-of-tree logical
replication that we can get into user hands *now* rather than two+ years
from now have been getting knocked back because there's no in-tree user,
and tools like pglogical dismissed as irrelevant. Once we have logical
replication in core hopefully we can start making infrastructure progress
again as well.

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