Andrew Gierth <> writes:
> With the gutting of pg_am in 9.6, there seems to be no longer any way
> for a query of the system catalogs to discover any of the index
> capabilities that were formerly columns in pg_am (notably amcanorder,
> amcanorderbyop, amclusterable, amsearcharray, amsearchnulls).

> Am I missing something or is this a significant oversight?

It's absolutely not an oversight.  We asked when 65c5fcd35 went in
whether there was still any need for that information to be available at
the SQL level, and nobody appeared to care.  We could in theory expose
a view to show the data --- but since a large part of the point of that
change was to not need initdb for AM API changes, and to not be
constrained to exactly SQL-compatible representations within that API,
I'm disinclined to do so without a fairly compelling argument why it's

                        regards, tom lane

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