On 25.07.2016 19:53, Peter Eisentraut wrote:
I was trying to look up the background of this error message:

"Ispell dictionary supports only \"default\", \"long\", and \"num\" flag


But I found that this actually talks about Hunspell format dictionaries.
 (So the man page is hunspell(5) as opposed to ispell(5).)  While as far
as the tsearch interfaces are concerned, those two are lumped together,
should we not change the error message to refer to Hunspell?


As I understand, this error message refers to the Ispell dictionary template. This template can use various dictionary formats. Which is confusing. Maybe would be better to change dictionary template name. But it can break backward compatibility...

If we want to change the error message, maybe change it to the following?

"Hunspell dictionary format supports only \"default\", \"long\", and \"num\" flag value"

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