* Michael Paquier (michael.paqu...@gmail.com) wrote:
> On Sat, Jul 30, 2016 at 5:47 AM, Stephen Frost <sfr...@snowman.net> wrote:
> > What we need to be doing here is combining the set of components that
> > the sequence has been marked with and the set of components that the
> > table has been marked with, not trying to figure out if the sequence is
> > a member of an extension or not and changing what to do in those cases,
> > that's checkExtensionMembership()'s job, really.
> OK, thanks for the confirmation. I have been playing a bit with your
> patch and it is correctly dumping ACLs and policies that are modified
> after creating an extension. So that looks good to me.
> > Attached is a patch implementing this and which passes the regression
> > tests you added and a couple that I added for the non-extension case.
> > I'm going to look at adding a few more regression tests and if I don't
> > come across any issues then I'll likely push the fix sometime tomorrow.
> +        * table will be equivilantly marked.
> s/equivilantly/equivalently/.
> By the way, I noticed 3 places in dumpProcLang and 1 place in
> dumpSequence where dobj.dump is used in a test but it is not directly
> compared with DUMP_COMPONENT_NONE. Perhaps you'd want to change that
> as well..

Thanks again for the help on this item, I've pushed the fix and updated
the open items wiki.


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