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> During the discussion of supporting multi tenancy with the help of
> row level security, because of some problems of executing any
> policy that was created by an unprivileged user [1].
> To avoid that problem, If we have some kind of new mechanism to
> GRANT/REVOKE only CREATE POLICY from all the unprivileged
> users by providing other CREATE access to them.
> I just want to know is there any other such requirements that if such
> option is available, it would be good or not? I don't know whether
> this option is possible or not? If any such requirements are present
> other than POLICY, i would like to analyze and propose a patch for
> the same.

Well, there are lots of things that users can do that might cause
security exposures for other users.  I think it's fair to say that
PostgreSQL - like many other systems, really - is going to work best
when either all of the users trust each other or when they are
well-isolated from each other (i.e. in separate databases).  If one
user can get another to execute code, then that second user can usurp
the privileges of the first user.  CREATE POLICY provides one way of
accomplishing that, but it's not necessarily qualitatively different
from any other mechanisms that we've had for a long time: CREATE
CREATE VIEW are all plausible ways of inducing another user to run
your evil, malicious code.

So I don't think that the right solution is to restrict CREATE POLICY
in particular.  It might be useful to have some kind of general system
for limiting the ability of certain users to run certain commands, but
I'm not sure how much demand there really is for such a thing.  I
think it's already possible using ProcessUtilityHook, if you're
willing to write a small amount of C code.  Do our users want more?
Very possibly.  Do I know exactly what they want?  No, I don't.

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