On 3 August 2016 at 15:04, Kevin Grittner <kgri...@gmail.com> wrote:
> My initial experience with PostgreSQL would have been entirely
> different had I not found the community lists and benefited from
> the assistance and collective wisdom found on them.

The top non-sponsored link on google for "postgres support" takes you
straight to a page with a link to the mailing lists. I'm not sure that
not being able to find them was a problem.

I can well imagine that uber wouldn't have wanted to publicise their
problems (and so wouldn't have used a mailing list anyway); obviously
I've no way of knowing if they contacted any of the support companies
in the professional services page - I assume that professional
courtesy (and/or NDAs!) would preclude anyone from posting such here

The problem with the professional services page is that the list of
companies is very dry, but it might be difficult to improve: as a
community it might be considered unreasonable to promote one over the
other; however if I had to go searching for professional support (and
hadn't seen the level of interaction that some of those companies'
employees provide on the mailing lists) I would have no clear idea
where to start.

Perhaps listing those companies that provide employment for some of
the core developers at the top (and explaining so) might be
acceptable? (or maybe not just core? you get the idea though). Maybe a
separate section for support companies versus hosts?


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