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> Tatsuo Ishii <is...@postgresql.org> writes:
> >>> In my understanding, we don't have any regression test for protocol
> >>> level prepared query (we do have SQL level prepared query tests,
> >>> though). Shouldn't we add those tests to the regression test suites?
> >> I thought that ECPG was covering a portion of that. Right?
> > In my understanding, ECPG calls libpq, thus the test cases are limited
> > to the cases which are only possible with libpq (or it may be even
> > limited to the cases where ECPG deal with.)
> I do not think it's very practical for the core tests to try to cover
> any behavior that's not reachable via libpq.  Even testing stuff that's
> not reached through ecpg would require a whole slew of new infrastructure
> with no use except testing.
> I think realistically a better approach to this would be to get some
> buildfarm members running the JDBC regression tests (I assume there
> are some ...)
>                         regards, tom lane
> We currently run tests every time a PR is created on github, but I don't
think there are any animals running the JDBC test suite

We can add tests, what exactly do we want to test. Then setting up an
animal to run the tests would be fairly straight forward.

Dave Cramer


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