Tom Lane <>:

> [ shrug... ]  What do you claim is not machine-readable about
> server_version?

0) server_version needs a dance to parse.
For instance, recent "Stamp version 10devel" patch did touch
"server_version" parsing in fe-exec.c:
Of course it might happen there was just a bug in fe-exec.c, however that
is a smell. Lots of clients might need to update server_version parsing
logic for no reason except "support 10devel kind of versions".
There are cases when the dance is locale-specific:

1) By saying "just parse server_version" you are basically forcing every
postgresql client (except libpq) to implement, test, and support its own
parse logic. Do you care of having robust clients that will not break in
parts when tested against 10.whatever?

1) Several examples were provided by Craig:
Craig> This means that at least when connecting to newer servers clients no
longer have to do any stupid dances around parsing "9.5beta1",

2) Official documentation suggests "see also server_version_num for a
machine-readable version."

Even though "one can simply try to parse server_version value", I claim
that server_version_num is much more machine-readable than server_version


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