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> One hiccup I found is that server_version_num is not sent to clients.
> Instead, libpq assembles the numeric version number itself from the
> string version, and it will fail if it sees only one number (e.g.,
> 10devel).  It will then set the version number to 0 for "unknown".
> Client code such as psql and pg_dump is coded so that it will then fall
> back to code for the oldest server version it happens to support (less
> than 8.1 at times).  So in other words, old psql plus new server up
> until production release will have many \d commands failing.  Once the
> release becomes 10.0, it will work again.  (It will still think in terms
> of three-component versions, but it won't make a difference in practice.)

This pretty much sucks.  I suppose we could at least alleviate the
problem by back-patching some intelligence about the new scheme into
back-branches, but of course that will only help people if they
install newer minor releases.

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