Victor Wagner <> writes:
> On Thu, 04 Aug 2016 09:42:10 -0400
> Tom Lane <> wrote:
>> Yeah.  I'm inclined to think that we should reset the message locale
>> to C as soon as we've forked away from the postmaster, and leave it
>> that way until we've absorbed settings from the startup packet.

> Really, if this response is sent after backend has been forked, problem
> probably can be easily fixed better way - StartupMessage contain
> information about desired client encoding, so this information just
> should be processed earlier than any other information from this
> message, which can cause errors (such as database name).

I think that's wishful thinking.  There will *always* be errors that
come out before we can examine the contents of the startup message.
Moreover, until we've done authentication, we should be very wary of
applying client-specified settings at all: they might be malicious.

                        regards, tom lane

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