Anastasia , thank you for your attentive code examine.

2016-08-05 21:19 GMT+05:00 Anastasia Lubennikova <>:
> First of all, shouldn't we use MAXALIGN(oldsize) instead of oldsize?
> Although, I'm quite sure that it was already aligned somewhere before.
> I doubt that the check (size_diff != MAXALIGN(size_diff)) is necessary.
> I'd rather add  the check: (offset+size_diff < pd_lower).
Actually, that's a tricky question. There may be different code expectations.
1. If we expect that not-maxaligned tuple may be placed by any other
routine, we should remove check (size_diff != MAXALIGN(size_diff)),
since it will fail for not-maxaligned tuple.
2. If we expect that noone should use PageIndexTupleOverwrite with
not-maxaligned tuples, than current checks are OK: we will break
execution if we find non-maxaligned tuples. With an almost correct
I suggest that this check may be debug-only assertion: in a production
code routine will work with not-maxaligned tuples if they already
reside on the page, in a dev build it will inform dev that something
is going wrong. Is this behavior Postgres-style compliant?

I agree that pd_lower check makes sense.

> BTW, I'm very surprised that it improves performance so much.
> And also size is reduced significantly. 89MB against 289MB without patch.
> Could you explain in details, why does it happen?
Size reduction is unexpected for me.
There might be 4 plausible explanations. I'll list them ordered by
descending of probability:
1. Before this patch every update was throwing recently updated tuple
to the end of a page. Thus, in some-how ordered data, recent best-fit
will be discovered last. This can cause increase of MBB's overlap in
spatial index and slightly higher tree. But 3 times size decrease is
How did you obtained those results? Can I look at a test case?
2. Bug in PageIndexTupleDelete causing unused space emersion. I've
searched for it, unsuccessfully.
3. Bug in PageIndexTupleOVerwrite. I cannot imagine nature of such a
bug. May be we are not placing something not very important and big on
a page?
4. Magic.
I do not see what one should do with the R-tree to change it's size by
a factor of 3. First three explanations are not better that forth,
Those 89 MB, they do not include WAL, right?

Thank you for the review.

Best regards, Andrey Borodin, Octonica & Ural Federal University.

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