Tom Lane wrote:
> Andrew Borodin <> writes:
> > Thank you for your corrections.
> > Here is the patch with suggestions taken into account, except 6th.
> I'll pick this up, unless some other committer is already on it.
> I think that we should buy back the addition of PageIndexTupleOverwrite
> to bufpage.c by getting rid of PageIndexDeleteNoCompact, as suggested
> earlier by Alvaro.  The latter seems a lot messier in concept, and it's
> more general than BRIN needs.

Yeah, BRIN only wants to remove one item nowadays; that function was
written when the BRIN code wanted to remove multiple items in one go.

> It also kinda looks like we could get rid of PAI_ALLOW_FAR_OFFSET,
> which is a messy kluge in itself.

That'd be nice.

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