On 8/6/16 12:57 PM, Andrew Gierth wrote:
The easy to catch case, I think, is when the targetlist of the IN or NOT
IN subquery contains vars of the outer query level but no vars of the
inner one and no volatile functions. This can be checked for with a
handful of lines in the parser or a couple of dozen lines in a plugin
module (though one would have to invent an error code, none of the
existing WARNING sqlstates would do).

I would still like to warn on any outer vars show up in the target list (other than as function params), because it's still very likely to be a bug. But I agree that what you describe is even more certain to be one.

Maybe David Fetter's suggested module for catching missing WHERE clauses
could be expanded into a more general SQL-'Lint' module?

Possibly, though I hadn't really considered treating this condition as an error.

Also, there's some other common gotchas that we could better warn users about, some of which involve DDL. One example is accidentally defining duplicate indexes.
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