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> Somewhat wrong. The core problem is the procedures offered by
> PrepareClientEncoding is choosed only by encoding->encoding
> basis, not counting character set compatibility. So, currently
> this is not detectable before actually doing conversion of a
> character stream.

Yes, my idea was to check language/encoding compatibility. Make sure
that NLS messages can be represented in the client-specified encoding
in a readable way. As far, as I know, there is no platform-independent
bulletproof way to do so. 

On Unix you can try to initialize locale with given language and given
encoding, but it can fail even if encoding is compatible with language,
simply because corresponding locale is not generated on this system.

But this seems to be a problem of system administration and can be left
out to local sysadmins.

Once you have correctly initialized LC_MESSAGES, you don't need
encoding conversion routines for the NLS messages. You can use
bind_textdomain_codeset function to provide messages in the
client-desired encoding. (but this can cause problems with server logs,
where messages from different sessions would come in different

On Windows things are more complicated. There is just one ANSI code
page, associated to given language, and locale initialization would
fail with any other codepage, including utf-8.

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