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> Tom Lane <t...@sss.pgh.pa.us>:
>> FWIW, this thread started on 25-July, less than two weeks ago.
> Technically speaking, there was a pgsql-jdbc thread started on May 14:
> https://www.postgresql.org/message-id/nh72v6%24582%241%40ger.gmane.org
> 9.6beta1 was released on May 12
> The fact that it wasn't raised
>> till more than 6 months after we committed the pg_am changes
> This means that nobody was testing compatibility of "postgresql's master
> branch with existing third-party clients".
> Testing against well-known clients makes sense to catch bugs early.
> I've added "build postgresql from master branch" test to the pgjdbc's
> regression suite a week ago, so I hope it would highlight issues early
> (even before the official postgresql beta is released).
> However, pgjdbc tests are executed only for pgjdbc commits, so if there's
> no pgjdbc changes, then there is no logic to trigger "try newer postgres
> with current pgjdbc".
> Ideally, postgresql's regression suite should validate well-known clients
> as well.
> I've no idea how long would it take to add something to postgresql's
> buildfarm, so I just went ahead and created Travis test configuration at
> https://github.com/vlsi/postgres
> Do you think those Travis changes can be merged to the upstream?
> I mean the following:
> 1) Activate TravisCI integration for https://github.com/postgres/postgres
>  mirror.
> 2) Add relevant Travis CI file so it checks postgresql's regression suite,
> and the other
> 3) Add build badge to the readme (link to travis ci build) for simplified
> navigation to test results.
> Here's the commit: https://github.com/vlsi/postgres/commit/
> 4841f8bc00b7c6717d91f51c98979ce84b4f7df3
> Here's how test results look like: https://travis-ci.org/vlsi/postgres
Nice work +!

Dave Cramer


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